Posted on 21-Oct-2018

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Search engine Optimisation TIPS 2019

1. Stop building back links to your website NOW.

This advice has been around for a while, and I have been advising my customers that back linking is bad idea for the past five years.

The process of building back links from other websites, has been around for many years, and there was a time that it worked very well. (a long time ago)

Google do not want you to build back links, and so stop now or your website will suffer over the next few years. I have seen websites with so many poor back links that I have advised the owners to change the domain name and start from scratch with a new website.

The best way is always the most natural. Google expects you to acquire natural back links as time goes by (very slowly) from trusted sources who think the content of your website is worth linking to.

Providing good useful content that will answer your customers questions will always be worth linking to. A blog may want to reference your excellent content and provide a link back to your page. Google will see this as a natural link.

Unfortunately allot of SEO experts have decided to use this as an SEO technique and set up private blog networks that they use to link back and charge customers for the service. This is a very old SEO technique now and it will get your site banned if you are not careful.

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