Posted on 21-Oct-2018

Worcester Websites

I had a call last week and the first question I was asked was. How long will it take you to get my website on the first page of the Google search results? I thought I would share my reply.

1. When someone searches for a particular service or product Google tries to determine if it is local search term.

search term - solicitor in worcester

Google has a database of all the solicitors in Worcester and looks there first. It returns a results page of all the solicitors in Worcester and ranks them using the Google algorithm.

The most trusted websites are generally listed first. Trust is one of the most important ranking factors. Google may trust a website because the website has been on the internet over five years and gained some natural backlinks from trusted websites, or because the content is very useful on the website. There are lots of different reasons why one website may be more trustworthy than another.

Making Google trust your website and its contents is one of the most important steps if you would like to end up on the first page of the results. It may take up to nine months before Google trusts your website.

When I look at customers websites that are not very successful the first things I look at are.

Domain name age
Page URL
Page titles
Relevant content
Mobile friendly site
Server response time
Image optimisation
Links from trustworthy sites
Positive reviews
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